Welcome to Delightful Tales About Difficult Topics.

Our story is simple. We aim to write children’s books that facilitate healthy conversations around uncomfortable topics in South Africa.

Willow Asks Why?

Our first delightful tale, written in rhyme and told through playful illustrations, is about a curious character called ‘Willow’ who begins to question why there seems to be a different set of rules, for people of different races. The light-hearted yet powerful message is that we should always question the world around us and learn to see the ‘invisible’ roles that power and privilege play. Only then, can we challenge them.

The Story of Sihle and his Stutter

Follow Sihle as he learns to navigate the difficult challenges of having a stutter and is encouraged to keep facing up to his fears of talking, ‘to not lose his way because the world is excited to hear what he has to say!’.

Colour Me

Our online store just got a little more colourful 🤎 We’re now proud stockists of the Colour Me products! Start colouring the world the way you want it, with stationery for the skin you’re in.


 the anti-racism network of South Africa

Conversations about race shouldn’t start & finish with story time 📚 That’s why 15% of the profits from ‘Willow asks Why?’  and 100% of the proceeds from ‘The Story of Sihle and his Stutter’ will go to our friends at the Anti-Racism Network South Africa (ARNSA) where they’ll be used to help carry the conversation forward.

Lots of small steps can create big changes 🌱🌲


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